Allow and Forget How…Now!

I am so blessed to have had many wonderful things enter my life so far. People, Places, Finances, Experiences. I don’t feel like I’m 27, but far beyond my years. I have won everything and in the blink of an eye, lost it all. That’s  when the real learning started! A life lesson that only cost 2.4 Million Dollars!!! More about that some other time…
I’m not some pumped up self help guru either, I’m just a happy man living in a happy world without worry or fear.

So many people want to know how the Law of Attraction works. Sadly though, knowing how something works doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you! Peoples failure to comprehend this is evident in the up rise of new ”self help” culture and the thousands of Law of Attraction books. Each one claiming to be the answer to your dreams! Rhonda Byrne released The Secret, then The Power, then The Magic…. what’s next? The Truth?!

From my experience, the 3 books that I can honestly say that have what is ” a comprehensive guide to living a successful life” are

These 3 books to me cover the spectrum of Physical, Spiritual and Quantum.

Each one has this emphasis. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE HOW.

You cannot plan how life goes, so stop trying to force HOW you think it will bring what you want into being. Every time I received wondrous joy, I didn’t plan it. I don’t know how the millions of dollars will get into my life, but it will, and has done countless times! Normally through channels I never expected! You cannot control the Law of Attraction. You can as much as The Law of Gravity. So just accept and allow and forget how!

Advice I give people is this. ” Leave the back door open ”.
I don’t mean in your house, but in your life. Life has a funny way of sneaking these wonders in while you’re looking the other way.

If you find yourself asking ” Where is it?. How can I make this happen ” and you feel it’s against the grain in your heart, just say the following phrase to yourself ” OH LOOK OVER THERE, A BADGER WITH A GUN! ” Works every time, in a kind of wtf moment, and life goes on. It gets you out of your own way!