How Happiness ONLY cost me $2.4 Million and 4 years of living. Also why bacon is awesome!

Source writes through me and guided me to this point. Ask any questions in the comments and i’ll freely answer

It was December 2009. What was meant to be an incredible Christmas abroad and ushering the New Year with Champagne turned into Christmas on the streets being chased every corner I turned and a New Years Eve which I didn’t know what day it was. Combine that with 4 years of trial and error in putting all my personal development and spiritual knowing into use, you get me now.


Now, I took the long way around to get there, and see now, that I didn’t have to loose an entire empire and 4 years of good living to get to a place of complete happiness and free from fear.
To wake up everyday with no worries or fears is the most valuable feeling I cherish.
I have unplugged from the game of life, and choose not to play it. I’m living in the only perfect moment. Now.

How I lost everything and what I had isn’t important yet. I know people are dying to know what, how, where, who! I’m not a celebrity and don’t subscribe to that. I put the title up to get your attention, and it worked! It is true though.

Right now, please just smile and live in the now. Stop playing the game of life, You are not just a player, you are a creator. Step away from the board and see that all around is wonder. The map is not the territory. See yourself as plugged into The Matrix. Just unplug and start to live.
Out of the trillions of miles of space in the universe, you are here! In the words of Louis C.K ” We get to eat Bacon!”

No one has your interest at heart. Only you. If you don’t have a plan to start living, someone will take that from you and make you live for them.

Now go, be free and if you feel inclined, eat some bacon!


Short post on Gratitude

Nothing in the world feels as good as gratitude. I have not found anything that allows one to becoming in harmony easier than gratitude.

To expand on my law of attraction post from yesterday, Once you have your belief in place, it is gratitude, that allows you to get out of the way of yourself and get what you desire.
Now, many people write out what they are grateful for or even say it, but do you actually believe it? You can say ” I love you ” to a person but not mean it.

You have to Feel gratitude from within.

Humans are primitive, and our language is limiting, so we must transcend vocabulary and language in order to achieve this.

I have lived an incredible life so far and achieved some unbelievable things. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! I owe it all to gratitude.What I personally do is hold a picture in my mind, then drop to my heart and feel the responses to it. The feeling is a mix of peace and excitement. The child at Christmas knows what it’s getting but the surprise is still exciting!
This way, I find I am aware of so much more and grateful for things I wasn’t even unaware of. Thank you subconscious! Emotion is driving here, and Love being the most powerful.

My next post will be on the Destructive Power of How.

As I say in all my posts, if you like what you hear, fantastic! If you don’t fantastic! It means you have made a decision in your own heart and are the captain of your own ship.


What I’m Currently Doing 30/7/13

Think this is pretty self explanatory. In case anyone is wondering what i’m doing over the past day or 2 and wants to share, here you go.

As you can see, I really value comedy in life and believe that the addition of constant laughing and smiling in life can really help many ailments and gives you a general sense of well being.

What I’m Reading

What I’m Listening to

What I’m Watching

What I’m Learning

  • Quantum Physics theories
  • MS research and alternative approaches
  • Theta Meditation

What I’m Eating

  • Alot of fresh fish and mountains of green vegetables
  • Five Guys London