Superman first, then your dreams will follow!

Over the past few weeks/months I have undergone some radical physical transformations. The one thing I felt missing from each self help/ personal development book was ones body.

To create the dream life, you NEED to be in good physical shape.
What I mean is, you should be making steps/progress, no matter how well or poor you are towards a healthier, fitter life. It’s no coincidence you get a lot of fit rich people and unfit poor people!

I have been taking notes a journals of my journey since I decided to dedicate some of my thought stream to better health choices.

Well I was scrawny and pale. I am looking more and more like the photo below each day now! ( I really should shave! )

With the engine running better in my body, I could easily reach new life targets and destinations. My mind is clearer, my decisions are more precise and my ”luck factor” has gone way up.

I feel, by taking care of my body, my life is thanking me and allowing me to flow downstream the river of life easier and catch much nicer fish.

My routine thus far is this.

Elimination of white sugars and flour
Increased water consumption
Various heavy weight + kettlebell workouts
30 min of nice walking and breathing
More sex!

I’m sure there are a few more things i’m doing, i’ll take the time to add as I go on. My dreams though are much clearer and my determination is unstoppable.

Please ask anything below, I’m getting more concise notes soon on everything and my first book is being submitted to big authors at the moment, which is exciting!

Much love



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