The Missing Key in The Law of Attraction

A few years ago, I lost everything in my life. Powers out of my control turned my life upside down and I lost it all. Family, friends, finances, health, home, food and most importantly, my dogs. I ended up on the street for a brief period, but the one thing I didn’t loose was my mind.
I have had the privilege of loosing everything and standing on the other side of life, looking back at what once was. Very few people get to that point and return to tell the tale. This is a tale I will one day fully share to inspire those around.

For many years, I’ve been an advocate of The Law of Attraction. By accepting full responsibility for my life, I understand I create the circumstances, opportunities and events.
For those unfamiliar with the Law of Attraction, it states, Like attracts Like. Simple! Now if a thought is a measurable frequency, it can attract other like minded thoughts. If these thoughts are physical, then surely they are responsible for attracting life into life. I accept everything that happened to me, which gives me the power. Rather than telling an artist what to paint, I am the artist.

That is the very basic concept. I have seen the movie The Secret and feels like it explains the concept in a very simple way, as if to a 5 year old. From this movie, millions have tried the law of attraction and to no avail, don’t see results they expect. Then this leads them to saying ” That Law of Attraction is a load of BS!”

While meditating recently, I asked the question ”why?” in relation to so many peoples failure of understanding the law. Something spoke through me and from there, I found what I would identify as the missing key. It isn’t airy fairy, it isn’t grounded in the clouds, but just plain common sense.
The teachings say to ask for what you want, believe you have it, then allow it to come from Source.

  • Ask
  • Believe
  • Receive

I feel it has been diluted over the years and people write books, to drag out this, but it’s simple enough. I don’t think the big publishing companies would sell many 1 page books though, hence the rise in 300 page L.O.A. books! Leave the people wanting more and suggest they way be a shortcut somewhere!
Anthony Robbins hasn’t released a book in nearly 20 years! Why? Because he said what needed to say, and people aren’t acting on what he said.

That was a bit off topic, so back on! The missing key is this.

Understand what you surrender to. Even simpler, What do you believe in?

There is no wrong answer here. On a scientific level, if we are transmitters that send and receive, we need to understand in our hearts, what we are transmitting to. God, The Universe, Source, Flying Spaghetti Monster, Science, Budda etc….

Whatever it is that you believe, you must wholeheartedly do so. This connection to your chosen will be the highway in which you can create the life you intend, rather than a random pattern that you can’t comprehend.

By not believing in what you transmit too, you are simply sending an incredible message out there with no address. It might arrive at destination, but probably not!

The question I get a lot is ” I don’t believe in God, I believe in nothing, what do you say to that!?”
To that I say this. If you are trying to better yourself and cannot look outside yourself, then look within and believe in yourself. This will create the strong connection you desire as well. If it is science you wish to place your connection, then ask simple questions like ” how did we get here from absolute nothingness?”. The awe you experience will show you the way.

My own belief is not important, as it’s nothing to do with you. As the same, your belief is nothing to do with me. Just know that whatever it is, you are right.

To summarize

  • Know exactly what you want
  • Release it/ Surrender it to whatever you believe in
  • Allow it to come into being. Do not force it.

One comment on “The Missing Key in The Law of Attraction

  1. joshwikane says:

    A reply I posted to this from High Existence

    I don’t think you have to connect religion to your personal beliefs. To do so would truly limit your scope on the world. I know Christan’s who look to God and still look at The Universe as a sense of giving. It’s whatever feels right for you and you alone.
    How does one actually get ”belief” in something? For most it starts at a time of low and when they pray to God, there prayer gets answered. This hot wires them to think that God is all powerful and giving. Belief for them is done!
    For me, I set the game up to win, so whatever I choose to believe in, i will allow it to show me the results of it. I’ve been driving and would get a gut feeling to turn off the motorway and take the scenic route home. I just do it without questioning and know whatever is guiding me is. That day, I got home and saw a multi collision on the motorway exactly where I was! My belief was then there in something and I can assign it to what I choose.

    So, to end my rant. If you have an event happen to you in your life that you attribute to some intervention or gift of sorts, you can then assign it to whatever you think gave it to you. It’s like the reverse of how most see it, but still works. 2 + 1 = 3 as does 1 + 2 = 3

    Thanks for reading. If you think it’s on track, great! If you think it’s not, great! Only you know

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